Petone Central School

Māori Immersion

Our Māori Immersion Syndicate (Ngā Rito) caters for students from Year 0 to Year 8. We offer a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that helps all students reach their full academic, physical and social potential through the medium of Māori language and Tīkanga.



The staff, parents and children in this syndicate have a strong commitment to providing programmes and facilities, which enhance the learning opportunities for all. We endeavor to create a supportive, caring, happy and safe environment for learning to occur and to ensure our students graduate fully bilingual with a deep understanding of Tīkanga Māori and Māori values.



The curriculum taught in this syndicate includes the learning of mathematics, literacy, science, health, social studies, physical education, the arts, and technology with a strong emphasis on Māori language and Tikanga Māori. We also teach the development of computer literacy, thinking skills and inquiry learning, where students are actively involved with posing questions, researching and analysing information to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.



We are unique because we have succeeded in building our Māori language, values and culture commitments into a mainstream school. This means that we have the advantage of our distinct whānau Māori identity but in addition we have access to mainstream resources and facilities. We offer a Kapahaka programme that accommodates the different levels and abilities of our tamariki. We practice regularly and often perform in school kapahaka events and for our parent community. Our year 7 and 8 students participate in English Transition class once a week. This class is to prepare our students to transition between immersion based education at primary school to the mainstream based education most of our students head into at college.