Petone Central School




Response actions (as appropriate)

When a tsunami


























o Listen to your radio or TV for advice and information

o Don’t wait to be told to evacuate if a strong earthquake occurs. Evacuate if instructed to by Civil Defence.

  • A tsunami evacuation may be required following an earthquake. This will be signaled to the teachers and students by a number of short sharp rings of the school bell.


  • In the event of notification of a Tsunami risk or following an earthquake in which you cannot stand the school will evacuate to Maungaraki school via the Dowse drive over ramp.


  • Teachers will mark the class roll to ensure every child is accounted for.


  • Every attempt will be made to text/message parents including notification via our school facebook of action taken and when the school will re-open.


  • Teachers and staff will accompany and stay with the children until they are given approval to leave with parents or approved caregivers.


Parents should NOT come to school in the event of a tsunami evacuation.

o Take your disaster survival kit including the roll and contact details.