Petone Central School

Te Reo Māori in classes

Posted on 2 March 2022

This year our Teachers continue to build their Te Reo Māori skills through a year-long professional development course called ‘Te Ahu ō Te Reo Māori’. Our teachers began this course last year, and will continue on the training journey this year too. In this course teachers are upskilling their understanding and ability in Te Reo Māori. This is being undertaken in order to better teach Te Reo Māori to our children in the classroom. 

This term, we have been increasing the use of Māori language in the classroom, teaching karakia, waiata, greetings, farewells, class commands, asking and answering how we feel and how to introduce ourselves through a Pēpeha or Mihi. 

Below are some photos that showcase the learning we have been undertaking about pēpeha/mihi so far this term. Ongoing practice time will be given in order for our students to fluently speak their mihi/pēpeha in front of their class.

In the juniors, our tamariki have been learning how to say their name, their parents names, the name of their school. Our middle school and seniors have also added information about where they were born, where they live now, where their ancestors are from and some other information such as their pets names. Our seniors are also learning to create a pēpeha that tells their ancestral connection through the traditional links to mountain, river, waka, tribe.

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