Petone Central School

Our Curriculum

Our School caters for students from Year 0 to Year 8. We offer a diverse, comprehensive and exciting curriculum that helps students reach their full academic, physical and social potential.


The staff, parents and children in our school have a strong commitment to providing programmes and facilities, which enhance the learning opportunities for all. We endeavor to create a supportive, caring, happy and safe environment for learning to occur with a family feel.


The curriculum taught in our school includes the learning of mathematics, literacy, science, health, social studies, physical education, the arts, technology and languages with a strong emphasis on mathematics, reading and writing. We also teach the development of computer literacy, thinking skills and inquiry learning, where students are actively involved with posing questions, researching and analysing information to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.


We believe that our school's ethnic and cultural diversity is a strength and a resource for learning. We promote cultural sharing and provide enriching experiences for all our students and their families. 

There is a strong student leadership programme with opportunities to be a peer tutor, peer mediator, school councilor, librarian, ICT leader, environment leader or road warden. We also have a senior programme that includes leadership learning, career development, community connection roles, language learning, and technology.

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