Petone Central School

Behaviour Management

At Petone Central School, we aim to manage most behaviours by teaching and explaining our expected behaviours and we also encourage, praise and reward positive behaviours. We believe that focusing on the positive grows the positive. 

When we are faced with a behaviour, we consider whether it is a minor or major behaviour. For more information about how we categorise minor and major behaviours see link: PCS Minor & Major Behaviours.pdf

We discuss any problem behaviour with the child/ren involved, using a restorative justice system and help them to identify and own their own behaviour, how that made any other party feel, and what they could change/improve on next time. We believe this method helps the child to make improvements in their own behaviour as they have to own up to and face the outcome of their behaviour.

Consequences will be put into place depending on the severity of the behaviour. Minor behaviour consequences might include an apology, time out to reflect, an apology letter or something similar. Major behaviours could be a suspension or expulsion from school or something similar.

On the rare occasion that a behaviour is considered severe, then we take immediate action to calm the situation and keep any other children safe. Once everyone is safe, we then deal with the severe behaviour. Severe behaviours will have the family/ies called into school to meet with the principal, the teacher and any other children/families involved in the situation.

For more information on how we deal with behaviours, please see link: Petone Central Behaviour Procedures.pdf

If you have any other questions about our Behaviour Management, please contact our Principal, Whāea Trina.